How can constructive feedback help you?—A PATHZ Daily Challenge Forum

Wednesday January 9

The Potomac Conference Center

66 Canal Center Plaza Suite 606, Alexandria, VA 22314

Feedback comes in all shapes and sizes and at different times.

At work, feedback might be delivered formally through an appraisal process or delivered informally during in-the-moment conversations and meetings.

Some of it might be helpful; some of it might not be. What you do with the feedback can make all the difference in your success as a team member or leader. This Forum is about how you can (and should) go in search of constructive feedback from colleagues and leaders, and it’s about deciding what you are going to do with the feedback you’ve received.

Here’s the deal:

Being able to listen to constructive feedback and adjust what you do based on it will help you earn respect and demonstrate that you hold yourself accountable for your work. Who should attend? Anyone who is in search of continuous improvement for themselves and their work product, and anyone who is struggling with how to gather or interpret feedback from others.

This Forum is open to anyone at any level in their careers, in any industry and in any role. Step 1: Take the PATHZ daily challenge called “How can constructive feedback help you?” and then join this Daily Challenge Forum to find out more about this topic and to get help knowing what to do with the feedback you received, and to make a plan for how to continue this effort. In our Forums, you will discuss your experience with this daily challenge, hear what others experienced, deepen your understanding of the topic, and consider new approaches to what you are doing.

A PATHZ team member will facilitate the group through a series of probing questions about the daily challenge. This isn’t just an empty gabfest: it is carefully designed to help you gain insights about the topic and how your actions might impact your results and your colleagues.

That’s not all...

Based on the discussion, you will plan your own set of next steps to do and be better at work. Travel information Paid Parking Nearby - 44 Canal Center Plaza Metro Accessible - Free shuttle from Braddock Rd.

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The Potomac Conference Center

66 Canal Center Plaza Suite 606, Alexandria, VA 22314