The Little Voices: Amplifying Instinct and Quieting Doubt Workshop with Tiffany Chappell

Sunday November 11

Kansas City

You're on the sidelines and your brain is telling you to cut the scene. "This is the moment. GO!" Your body shifts forward and stops suddenly. "What if they have a plan? What if I'm too eager and ruin it." And so you do nothing, or you do something but it isn't the thing you wanted to do. This workshop will focus on getting out of the way of our genius and playing with confidence. About the Instructor: Tiffany Chappell is a professional improvisor and teacher with the KC Improv Company, a member of sketch comedy groups ‘The Bowlcuts’ and ‘I Like it, I Love it’, and plays with independent teams around KC and nationwide. She serves as co-artistic director of The Kansas City Improv festival. Tiffany believes that the improv we feel best about stems from knowing and loving both ourselves and our scene partners... also just an unapologetic propensity for silliness and mayhem. Registration Information:Cost: $15, includes a class set during the 7:00PM Indie Playhouse November Show Enrollment: 12 Max participants About Indie Playhouse: Sunday nights are done being lame! Step into the Indie Playhouse for an evening of comedy and fresh indie talent. Every 2nd Sunday at 7pm, we bring together different groups of talented people doing what they love! Plus before every show, join us for a development session featuring local instructors teaching exciting formats and techniques! Start your week off right and have some fun in our house!