Searching for Calm Workshop

Sunday November 11


If there was a way to care for yourself? Your sore neck and shoulders? That overwhelming feeling like your shoulders are up around your ears? .......Would that be beneficial? I found that between many emails a day. Treating each client like they are you only client. Constant meetings, budgets, deadlines. Forecasting, production schedules, travel. Buying trips, delays, short lead times. This often left me feeling drained & exhausted. There has to be another way to manage this juggle! Can you relate to this? If this resonates with you, click the link below & register for this workshop in Melbourne. Learn natural & toxic free ways to support your body particularly during stressful times. Know which essential oils can support the nervous & adrenal systems. This in turn this affects the tension that we hold in our neck & shoulders. Learn some techniques to maintain quality sleep.