Spaghetti Dinner- A Fundraising Event for Proficiencies for Living in Ruins

Saturday November 10


Please join Melissa Webb and ICA Baltimore on Saturday, November 10 from 6-9pm for -  Spaghetti Dinner: A Fundraising Event for Proficiencies for Living in Ruins To be held in the Lovely Lane United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall 2200 North St Paul Street, Baltimore, MD 21218. Please enter at 22nd street steps. Parking is available in the Lab School and Maryland Geological Survey lots. ... Dinner at 6pm - Vegetarian friendly but decidedly not gluten free! Accompanied by the jazzy musical stylings of "The Gentle Thunder Mosaic" - a drum and upright base duo with John 'Gumby' Lemonds and Jeff Holland. ... Performance at 8pm -  Proficiencies for Living in Ruins: Contemplative Opera Written and organized by Stephanie Barber A chorus of contemplators will fill the chapel with song, improvising harmonies and counterpoint to melodic lines about the botanicality of art, humans and our changing planet.  ... Stephanie Barber is an American writer and artist. She has created a poetic, conceptual and philosophical body of work in a variety of media. Her videos are concerned with the content, musicality and experiential qualities of language and her language is concerned with the emotional impact of moments and ideas. Each ferry viewers through philosophical inquiry with the unexpected oars of empathy, play, story and humor. ... The 'Chorus of Contemplators' -  Lauren Bender / Erick Antonio Benitez / Catherine Borg / Theresa Columbus / Liz Downing / John Eaton / Eric Franklin / Linda Franklin / Phaan Howng / Sarah Jacklin / Tami Jacobs / Megan Livingston / Doyun Lee / Jorge Martins / Megan McShea / Kate Porter / Alicia Puglionesi/ Erin Stellmon / Kristen Toedman / Bob Wagner / Dan Zink +++ ... ... A large-scale, site-specific installation by Baltimore-based fiber artist Melissa Webb, Proficiencies for Living in Ruins represents a partnership between the artist, the Institute for Contemporary Art, Baltimore, and Lovely Lane United Methodist Church. Situated inside the dramatic architecture of a currently unused chapel in historic Lovely Lane UMC, this interactive environment explores the human endeavor to operate within a society which has distanced itself from nature in an ever-expanding manner. Utilizing an accumulation of handmade, and manipulated found materials, Webb imagines a future where, in the face of deteriorating environmental and societal stability, humankind and the natural world learn new ways to thrive in symbiosis. Viewers are encouraged to consider their bodies in relation to objects and people within the space — alternately obscuring and revealing, isolating and conspiring.  ... During the run of the exhibition, several artists working in the areas of sound, music, and performance art will react to the installation through the presentation of new, site responsive works. A series of evening and weekend events will feature Baltimore-based artists Carrie Fucile, Stephanie Barber, and Tom Boram. Stephanie Barber's Proficiencies for Living in Ruins: Contemplative Chorus will be the second performative reaction.  ... Thank you for your interest in this event and in Proficiencies for Living in Ruins. Your ticket fee will assist in paying for chapel rental and performance documentation fees, and will also offset some of the cost of materials and labor. This project has been a very heavy lift financially and your support means so much!   ... If you are unable to make it to the event but still want to donate, or if you would like to contribute more, please do so via Paypal @ Webb@Paypal.Me/melissawebbart or on Venmo @Melissa-Webb.... ... Melissa would like to thank the members of ICA and the staff and trustees of Lovely Lane UMC for their incredible support - especially the wonderful Lena Leone - and owes a world of thanks the following individuals for their generous contributions to this project in the form of studio assistance, fabrication, and lighting - Brian Stansbury, Megan Koeppel, Mia Dexter, Scott Pennington, Joe Macleod, Glenn Shrum, and Adam Davies. So many more have helped along the way with considerate critique, emotional support, and encouragement.