Jerwood / Photoworks Award Exhibition

Friday November 2

Belfast | Northern Ireland | United Kingdom

Belfast Exposed is delighted to present the second Jerwood / Photoworks Awards exhibition.Following our involvement as a touring partner for the first JPA exhibition, we were pleased to be invited to take part in the prestigious programme again in 2017-2018.Works presented by the awardees Alejandra Carles-Tolra, Sam Laughlin and Lua Ribeira explore themes such as belonging, fragility of the natural world and death. Alejandra Carles-Tolra is interested in the relationship between individual and group identity and how one identity influences the other.

In Where We Belong she explores themes of belonging, femininity and escapism by following a group of Jane Austen devotees. Sam Laughlin’s series A Certain Movement is a meditation on the state of the natural world and our place within it.His work focuses on patterns of animal behaviour and intricate natural processes occurring all around us.

Close observations of various species and the signs suggesting their presence in the landscape, allow us to enter intimate and fragile spaces which are increasingly marginalised by human activities. Lua Ribeira’s constructed series Subida al Cielo (heavenly ascent) is a personal visualisation, built on the fear of dying.

Motivated by escape from reality and the longing for mythological significance in contemporary life, the work is an allegorical exploration of the inevitable decay of the human body, in relation to classical mythology and religious symbols of mortality. Following a national call for entries, the three Awardees were selected from over 350 artists by Celia Davies - Director of Photoworks, Sarah Williams - Head of Programme at Jerwood Visual Arts, Anna Fox - photographer, Ori Gersht - photographer and Mark Durden - writer and photographer. With a bursary of £5,000 each and access to a significant production fund to make new work, the artists underwent a year of developmental support from specialist mentors such as Mitch Epstein, Michael Mack and Maureen Paley plus the teams at Photoworks and Jerwood Charitable Foundation.

The artists were also involved in regular conversations and in-depth critique sessions with representatives from each of the partner venues: Photoworks, Jerwood Charitable Foundation, Impressions Gallery and Belfast Exposed Photography Gallery. Hannah Watson, Curator & Exhibitions Manager, states, “Belfast Exposed is delighted to have been involved in the Award programme, as part of our long-term commitment to mentor and support early career photographers.” The call for entries for the third Jerwood/Photoworks Awards is open now until 5 November 2018 at 5pm, for full details please visit