Wind Down Wednesdays

Wednesday December 19

House of Diamondz Bmore

1048 Brantley Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21217

Sunshine Peace, is a local activist, event planner, environmentalist, and aesthetic alchemist.

As the Founder & CEO of Bare Lady Botanics, an all natural skincare company, she understands the importance of self care, self awareness, and self acknowledgment.

On the quest for spiritual fulfillment several interests have struck her path; which caused a self exploration through craft movement.  "I explore life through various mediums with my poetry, jewelry making, cooking, soap making, and DANCE! I want to expand in all areas of my life and never limit myself".


She shares some vivid experiences, giving insight on some of the challenges faced growing up in Edmondson Village, a community in West Baltimore City. The description of her memories formed a theme of dichotomy as she compared the brimming culture/history of the City to its current condition. "It all started with club music.

I remember being outside and the whole neighborhood would be ‘rocking off’”, a term used describing the type of dance performed to their native “club music”. Sunshine didn't hesitate to show us some moves.

She elaborated on how she misses the "connection" she felt to her City when everyone would gather and dance to music played on the local radio station. “It was definitely a culture, a movement” she claimed. After finishing her session of rocking off she continued to tell us about her love for dancing.

Why does this matter?

“Dance is a form of devotion. When I dance I am free!" These were words she spoke before becoming encompassed in a beat in her head. As she made a beat with her lips it seemed as if she forgot she was being interviewed; swaying her hips and raising her arms to the sky, as if she was worshiping something.

She explains "Its like being in a trance. You just let go and move your body to be the beat. You dont think you just move". Her natural rhythm rubbed off on me and I found myself swaying with her. It brought joy to my heart witnessing a black woman being happy and free.

I began to experience nostalgic vibes of childhood games playing in groups; and visions of women holding hands dancing in circles; celebrating sisterhood and the divine feminine; celebrating life and being a life-giver; honoring self and the ability to have this experience. We hold the power to rebuild communities, change the world, and heal ourselves! But first we must learn to accept and love ourselves as individuals, and that is what Ms.

I can’t emphasize this enough:

Sunshine aims to do. Creating a sacred space of openness and acceptance allowing you to express yourself without constraint or structure. Wind Down Wednesdays is the era of “free movement”, promoting the idea of no judgement and come as you are.

House of Diamondz Bmore

1048 Brantley Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21217