Autism in the early years: Parent and Professional training series

Thursday November 8

Belfast | Northern Ireland | United Kingdom

This series of four training sessions is designed for parents and professionals with children age 2-7 years who have either been diagnosed with Autism, or are suspected of or awaiting diagnosis.  The four sessions are delivered by our expert team of psychologists, behaviour therapists and speech and language therapists.  Session 1: Thursday 8th November 10am-12noon An introduction to Autism. This session provides an overview of diagnostic criteria, common difficulties associated with the Autism Spectrum and practical strategies to help overcome these.  Session 2: Thursday 15th November 10am-12 noon Autism and managing behaviour. This session looks at behavioural difficulties associated with Autism, and how to manage these in a positive way.  Session 3: Thursday 22nd November 10am-12 noon Eating, Sleeping and Toileting. This session looks at the sensory systems and how sensory issues impact daily living skills of eating, sleeping and toileting. Practical strategies to support feeding difficulties, toilet training and sleep.  Session 4: Thursday 29th November 10am- 12 noon Using visual strategies to support children with Autism. This session provides information and detailed examples of how visual supports can be used to manage children's behaviour, reduce anxiety, teach skills and model daily living skills.  This training is sold as a package to include all four sessions, and they are not sold separately. Tickets are £100 per person.