The Art Department World of Game of Thrones

Tuesday November 13


As part of Belfast Digital Cities, RTS Futures NI's Annual Careers Day isn't one to be missed! Interested in production design for film or TV? Producing concept art for the biggest dramas on TV? Creating technical drawings of sets and overseeing the build? Or maybe you are a Game of Thrones fan and just want to hear about the workings of the Art Department - then this event is for you! Daniel Blackmore, Concept Artist from Game of Thrones who produced 2D computer visuals of some of the most recognised television sets in the world, and Owen Black who as Draughtsperson drew technical drawings for Game of Thrones will talk about their roles within the Art Department, the skills they needed to get into the roles and their experiences of working on Game of Thrones. RTS Futures NI is a charitable venture for young people interested in the creative industries and provides invaluable opportunities and experience. We organise events and provide young people with information and practical experience to enhance their knowledge and start them on a path towards positive employability.