Building Community Through Recreation Network #3 Fall 2018 Event

Thursday November 15

Edmonton | Alberta | Canada

Join us for a networking event for Building Community Through Recreation (BCTR) Network #3 (see map below for geographic area of Network #3)! Opportunities for recreation in neighbourhoods support strong, connected communities. Through Building Community Through Recreation Networks, we encourage collaboration and sharing of resources to meet local recreation needs. Sustainable networks of community members and partner organizations working together can address the diverse needs for recreation in local areas. Everyone is welcome to be part of BCTR Networks - networks include Indigenous and multicultural groups, school administration, parent advisory councils, community leagues, not-for-profit organizations, faith based groups, members of pre-existing recreation networks/partnerships, and the City of Edmonton.   If you would like more information about a different BCTR event, please check out our other Eventbrite events. You can also be part of a BCTR Network without attending network events - please contact or call 780 496-3436 for more information or to be added to our contact list.