Free for veterans working in the healthcare or mental health industry - 5 spots available COMPASSION FATIGUE & THE ART OF SELF-CARE

Sunday November 11

Beaverton | Oregon | United States

A Very Special Day For Veteran's, no cost to you. 5 tickets available for veterans who are working in the mental health or healthcare industry. Step into fall gently and light up in the winter with a professional check-up. Gather in a supportive, interactive and relaxed environment to begin or continue the conversation about the demands of our work. In this workshop, you will learn about the impact of compassion fatigue, gain self-awareness and recognize symptoms to revive and restore yourself between sessions and lessen the negative effects on your well-being both professionally and personally. Prosperity Pie Shoppe is a beautiful space to have this workshop. Come early to purchase something to eat or drink if you like. Seating is limited