Brave the Woods: Talk

Thursday November 15

Edmonton | Alberta | Canada

The Graphic Designers of Canada Alberta North chapter is excited to present a speaking event with Brad Woodard of Brave the Woods. Brad and his wife Krystal are the two halves of this dynamic design and illustration studio. They've worked with big brands like Coke, Microsoft, Honda, and Target, and their work has been featured in numerous publications. The pair are curious and adventurous, and they've built a business based upon doing work they believe in. Their love for "golden-age" aesthetic, and a playful approach to creativity, shine through in all of their projects. Brave the Woods is a stand-out example of talent and creativity in the field. Check out Brave the Woods’ website and Instagram to see more of their work. Join us for a speaking event with Brad as he shares stories from Going the Extra Mile on what it really takes to have a creative career.  Interested in learning more about Brad’s process? Check out the afternoon WORKSHOP. Doors open at 6:30Talk Starts at 7:00