Found Installations Workshop

Saturday November 10

Kansas City

The workshop will continue from programming that occurs on Friday evening, November 9th, titled Found Installations. Found Installations is a video art collection of Leralee Whittle’s time-based processes in rural and city spaces transformed through her collaboration with the spaces. Whittle occupy public and private domaines such as parks, gyms, natural habitats or unique buildings. The visually rich spaces typically serve communities for non-arts related activities, yet inspire Leralee to engage in body-based practices anywhere from hours to months (intermittently). The artist illuminate’s the choreographic design of each generative process with postproduction editing to clearly define aesthetics of social practice, dance or visual art. The following day on Saturday, November 10, 2018, Leralee Whittle will lead a workshop for interested attendees. The workshop will be free and open to the public. Part 1:  We’re Space Makers / J(())Y Embodiment  11-12:30 Part 2:  Instant Composition, a relational art ritual – 12:35- 2:00 In this workshop we’ll explore a cross-disciplinary approach of inviting your/our authentic dance in the creation of embodied installations (being and designing with the body and things) and creative collaboration. We’ll explore how materiality between the body, space, time, object and other unfolds a time-based process that opens up aesthetic communing/community. We’ll step into composition as a ritual mode that heightens ours senses and gives us the experience of phenomena as the engine of collaboration (relational aesthetics) each moment.