Baltimore Washington Metropolitan Imaging Symposium

Thursday November 15


Come and Hear from Local Leaders in In Vivo Imaging Sciences and Discover the Exciting Imaging Technology being Developed Right Here PETCT / IVM / Optical / MRI / Ultrasound For more information and to submit a poster for presentation contact: Learn       Network      Collaborate ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Agenda Welcome / Opening Remarks   -                                                                                                              9:00-9:10  Norman Peterson   Director, Translational Sciences (Medimmune)  Imaging Probes and Chemical Tools for Biological Research                                                          9:10-9:30        Rolf Swenson        Director of Imaging Probe Development Center (NHLBI/NIH) Optical Coherence Tomography                                                                                                           9:30-9:50            Yu Chen        Associate Professor, Department of Engineering       (UMD) Whole Body Optical Imaging of Rodents – Poor Man’s Approach                                                   9:50-10:10                Norman Peterson   Director, Translational Sciences (Medimmune) Intravital Microscopy-Building an Intravital Core Imaging Facility                                               10:10-10:30    Jonathan Boyd      Senior Manager, (Medimmune)  Break                                                                                                                                                     10:30-10:50 Image-guided intra-arterial targeting therapeutic agents to the brain                                          10:50-11:10    Piotr Walczak         Associate Professor of Radiology and Radiological Science  (JHMI)  MR Imaging Markers of Brain Injury                                                                                                  11:10-11:30      Rao Gullapalli,   Professor,  Dept of Diagnostic Radiology & Nuclear Medicine,      (UMD)  Molecular Imaging of Infectious Diseases                                                                                      11:30-11:50     Thomas Bocan   Head, In Vivo Imaging (USAMRIID)                                                                                           Preclinical and Translational Molecular Imaging of HIV                                                                 11:50-12:10    Dima Hammoud    Tenure Track Investigator   (Center for Infectious Disease Imaging (CIDI)/NIH) Bacteria-specific PET imaging                                 12:10-12:30    Alvaro Ordonez       Research Associate (JHMI)                                                                                                        Lunch   Medimmune Cafeteria & Posters     (lunch on your own)                                    12:30 – 1:40 Ultrasound Applications in Cardiovascular Research and Beyond                                  1:40 – 2:00           Kathy Gabrielson        Associate Professor of Molecular and Comparative Pathobiology, (JHMI)                                         Non-invasive Technologies for Precision Dosing of Antibody Therapeutics                              2:00-   2:20              Sridhar Nimmagadda, Associate Professor, Radiology and Radiological Science, (JHMI)         Imaging Biomarkers: Delivering on the Promise of Precision Medicine                                              2:30 -2:50   Kyle Kuszpit  Scientist I                (Medimmune)                                                                                                                                                                                                              Phase 0 Imaging Studies                                                                                                                          2:50 – 3:10              Peter Choyke   Director, Molecular Imaging Program (NIH) Clinical Applications of PSMA-Targeted Imaging in Prostate Cancer                                            3:10 – 3:30     Steve Rowe  Assistant Professor of Radiology and Radiological Services     (JHMI)                                                                                               Closing Remarks Reception