The Mezcal Collaborative Conference 2018

Monday November 12

Daly City | California | United States

Join us for the launch of the first Mezcal Collaborative Conference on Monday, November 12th. We dive into two topics that crucial to the mezcal category. We'll finish that day with a great blind tasting that will be sure to test the knowledge of the most advanced super tasters in the industry. Program #1, Penetrating the Retail Market 1pm, Lolo Restaurant Retail is the holy grail for the industry, especially for the non-cocktail oriented mezcal expressions. But how can brands build a successful retail program when shelf space is at a premium and executing a marketing plan is expensive? A panel of retailers will provide their perspective on how to break into and build an effective retail program.  Program #2, Understanding Distribution 3pm, Lolo Restaurant Ironically, the three tier system was set-up to prevent a concentration of distributors but market consolidation means that a few players dictate what ends up on the shelves. This has forced the small brands to do all the sales work themselves. This presentation will help small and new to market brands better understand how distribution works and what they need to get their products on the shelves. Program #3, 5:30pm, What's in Your Mouth - A Blind Tasting ABV Just how refined is your palate? Can you tell the difference between raicillas, mezcals, and sotols? What about a madrecuixe and a bicuixe? Or an espadin and a cupreata? Here is your chance to demonstrate your expertise as we blind taste agave distillates. We’ll even throw in a prize for anyone who is able to name all of the expressions!