Finance Business Partnering

Wednesday November 14

Belfast | Northern Ireland | United Kingdom

Developing ‘business partnering’ skills - has been described as the most effective way for finance professionals to lead change and add value to the business or organisation – and a way of ‘future-proofing’ their careers. But what is ‘finance business partnering’? • Why are the major accounting bodies promoting it so heavily? • Who is it ‘right’ for? • What can it add to a business or organisation?• What type / size need a business or organisation be to benefit from it? • What type of individual is best suited to the role? • What new skills need to be learned? • How long will it take before you see a benefit? • When is the 'right time' for an individual or organisation to consider it? So many questions! And it's questions like those – and more, that this half-day workshop sets-out to answer. So, if…• You're an accounting professional – wondering what Finance Business Partnering is all about - and whether it’s something you should be considering. Or…• You’re an FD/CFO wondering whether it’s ‘right’ for your organisation. Or…• You’re already in the role (you have the job title) – but you’re struggling to make sense of it all...this will be three hours well spent. The workshop will be led by Leonard Brown. FCMA, MSc (Business Improvement) Leonard has had a number of years’ experience working as a successful ‘Finance Business Partner’ – sandwiched in-between FD, Operations Management and General Management roles. He’s seen and experienced the role from both sides. Only 15 places are available at this workshop.So if you’re interested in attending – reserve your place, early. Registration - 9:15 AM.  Workshop will commence, promptly, at 9:30 AM on 14th November