Satsang with Angelika

Sunday November 11

Daly City

Heart Opening Sound Healing Etherial. The vibration of deep peace and joy in this music can cut through the constructs of the mind to the essence of our being very quickly by flowing softly into the heart without effort.   Angelika Angelika sings ancient Sanskrit healing chants, mantras, prayers in different languages and her own original songs in English, German and Sanskrit, sharing love, celebration, comfort and wisdom. Many listeners comment on the healing qualities of Angelika’s voice and music. She plays a handmade tamboura/ monochord and 12-string guitar with occasional percussion accompaniment in concert, and on her recordings adds various other instruments like: Annapurna sound-column, piano, mandolin, flutes, converted autoharp, koto, harp, keyboard, etc. and vocal harmonies to create an enchanting sound experience and spiritual space. Angelika’s musical mission is to foster acceptance and respect between cultures, religions and different belief systems and guide us all ever closer to the One Source. Angelika travels internationally by invitation. Link to event on our website: