Center Stage Voice: 3 Steps to Performing With Confidence

Saturday November 10


Want to take a deep dive into more control and consistency when you sing? This workshop is for you if:  you want to start performing and you’d like to do it with confidence you perform now and want more confidence, or  you perform often and want more standing ovations!   In this workshop, you'll learn how to:  never run out of air  project with more power on any note in your range  improve your pitch (singing in tune) control the "treble & bass knobs" of your voice be a dynamic singer and performer! You’ll receive a virtual "singer's toolbox" loaded with exercises, tools and tips that will immediately make you a more confident singer.   There will be plenty of group singing to practice the principles and a limited number of performance slots in the afternoon session to sing solos and receive feedback. You'll take home my Top 10 Tips for A Better Performance, as well as other valuable handouts.