Rude Health

Sunday November 11


3pm - late | £12 Catalan - Hot Cops - Hiva Oa Sam Wickens - Malojian - Rebekah FitchStrange New Places - Hex HueSusie blue - No Oil Paintings Some say, the local music scene is in 'rude health' and we tend to agree with them. A melting pot of influences now contributes to the bold and expansive scene that fuels social spaces locally, nationally and internationally. The cultural value of this alone is worth protecting, but at what cost? As suicide rates sore in the region we must do everything in our power to support mental health and wellbeing of our musicians - every single life lost is a loss too many. Through our one-day event we are aiming to provide a platform for emerging talent in the region while raising funds to support the essential mental health support systems that so many musicians have come to depend on. We must band together, collaborate and communicate and above all look after each other. Rude Health is made possible by each and every one of the musicians listed on the poster who have pledged their time to raise money for this year's designated mental health charity - Aware NI. AWARE is the only Northern Ireland charity that works exclusively for people suffering with depression and bipolar disorder. Operating two offices in Derry~Londonderry and Belfast, the organisation offers 24 support groups in rural and urban areas as well as online support, information outreach sessions and educational initiatives. Aware NI also delivers mental health and wellbeing programmes into communities, schools, colleges, universities and the workplace. "Depression doesn't discriminate, it can happen to anyone and at any time."