Stand Strong ~ Women's Empowerment Retreat

Sunday November 11


Join Jill Pawloski - Yoga Instructor for this intimate Women's Empowerment Yoga Day Retreat on Sunday, November 11th from 10AM-2PM at Old Weymouth School House and The River Zen Yoga Retreat Center. Uncover your passions, shed your false limiting beliefs, find your voice and gain the tools to manifest your authentic path! Learn and embrace that YOU ARE ENOUGH! This retreat will begin with a discussion on understanding and balancing feminine energies. We'll learn why we are storing stagnant energy and how these things are manifested in our bodies, hearts, and minds. We'll discover why all forms of yoga are important (flow, restorative, yin, yoga nidra etc.) to keep these energies balanced. Finding your strength through softness, cultivating openness to receive, getting our needs met, embracing our nurturing feminine side while balancing our power, self confidence, strength, determination, and setting boundaries will be the main discussion. Once we have our intentions set for class, we will transition into a Yin Yoga practice. The focus here is to find openness within your body through hip and heart opening postures and meditation. Embracing the openness and the tightness - everything that is YOU - finding alignment with your own body. In this practice we will be utilizing pranayama (breathing) techniques to get grounded, connect us to self preservation, and create space for self love and trust. Then, allow yourself the time to reconnect with your inner goddess - to embrace all aspects of YOU, to find freedom and empowerment in your practice as we move into a soul awakening practice filled with movement that will focus on unlocking the chakra systems and transforming your physical body and mind. This practice will give you the freedom to LET GO! Class will then end with a Yoga Nidra (guided meditation) that will cleanse the mind of any self doubt, false thoughts and negative energies. You will leave this class feeling refreshed, renewed, confident and ready to take on whatever life has in store for you next. We will meet before 10AM at Old Weymouth School House and have our discussion, Yoga practices, and meditation here. Around 12:30PM we will head up to the main house at The River Zen Yoga Retreat Center for a beautiful lunch allowing us to connect deeper with our newly found goddess sister tribe! Cost: $75 per personSpaces limited to 20 participants. *Please bring a yoga mat (and anything else you use for your yoga practice), a towel, blanket, journal and pen.