Base Chakradance Journey – the key to unlocking your instincts

Sunday November 11


We begin our cycle again at the Base Chakra – the key to unlocking your instincts Begin a journey through your seven chakras. Delving into one chakra each month - join us for a journey deep into your energy body, your vital essence and your soul. Your base chakra connects you to your instincts.  The Sanskrit name for the base chakra is Muladhara, which means root support.  Located at the base of the spine, this chakra is the foundation of your entire chakra system, and your vital life force energy. Without a strong base chakra, your other chakras lack a strong foundation, and so your entire chakra system can be compromised.  By strengthening your base, your other chakras can begin to flow with health, vibrancy and energy, too. When we balance our base chakra, we can develop a deep trust in our place in the world, and a strong sense of personal safety and security underlies every step we take in life. Chakradance is a powerful and authentic healing dance practice to promote that wonderful state of calm vitality known as well-being. Practising Chakradance can help tune and balance your whole body/mind/spirit system using spontaneous dance, guided imagery and music that resonates deeply with each in turn of the seven major chakras. Some who have experienced it claim it has transformed their lives; others simply that they just love it. Why not try it for yourself? Journeying is a series of 7 monthly workshops (one for each chakra). Each workshop runs for 2 hours. You can attend all seven or come to the chakras that appeal you you. Each workshop begins with an opening meditation, then a warm-up dance which is more dynamic in feel, a mini dance through all 7 chakras, then a meditation leading into each specific chakra, a longer dance journey, mandala art, and finally a closing meditation. Are you ready to journey deeper? Bookings essential for this sacred + intimate space