Blockchain weekend training for oakland-Nov 10th to Dec 2nd,2018

Saturday November 10

Union City

WHAT YOU WILL GAIN FROM THIS COURSE… Course modules will enable you to Understand how blockchain technology is relevant for you and your enterprise business strategy. Build a strong foundation in blockchain technology: what it does, what the different components and potential variants are; and how it is evolving. Identify which aspects of blockchain technology are most important and relevant to you. Articulate the industry potential of blockchain technology and use cases specific to your enterprise. Set a strategy to prepare your business or your clients for the emerging “decentralized economy” Define projects that can best leverage blockchain technology and open source efforts such as Hyperledger in contexts of high value to your enterprise. In addition, working sessions are targeted at enabling you to:  MODULES 1.What is a blockchain? 2.Why should you/your Enterprise be interested in blockchains? 3.Motivating Use Cases for Enterprises 4.Cryptographic Hashes & Digital Signatures 5.Blockchain structure 6.Flavors of blockchains 7.Public vs. Private blockchains 8.Bitcoin and Altcoins 9.HyperLedger 10Evolution 11.Architecture 12.Business Models 13.HyperLedger Fabric 14.Demo & Exercise 15.Discussion and brainstorming  Have more questions, Call us now @ 877-648-0004 (or) Email us @