Beyond The Brand: A Workshop Series

Thursday November 15

Edmonton | Alberta | Canada

Beyond the Brand is a three-part workshop series designed to help your create, understand, and solidify your brand. Whether you're interested in or you're in the process of building a personal or a business brand, Beyond The Brand is for you! The goal of this workshop series is to get you thinking about your brand beyond just your company name, logo, or products/services, and start focusing on who you are, why you do what you do, what makes you unique, and  how all your brand elements work together to deliver a differentiated experience to your target audience. The three sessions will take place every two months on the following dates and times: Session 101 — Thursday, November 15, 2018  |  7:00pm - 9:00pm Session 102 — Tuesday, January 15, 2019  |  7:00pm - 9:00pm Session 103 — Thursday, March 14, 2019  |  6:00pm - 9:00pm Each workshop is designed to build off the one before it, plus we will get the same cohort of attendees together for each session, helping build a solid network and encourage more idea sharing. Each workshop will include: Pre-workshop homework to get you prepared for the session to make the most of our time together Worksheets Ideas/actions that are ready to be translated to your business and your team Access to all of the content we will cover together Case studies / exemplars of brands doing it well Light snacks and refreshments provided *Last session only* the incredibly talented photographer, Dallas Curow, will be taking lifestyle shots for each attendee Plus a few special surprises along the way... :) KEY OBJECTIVES OF BEYOND THE BRAND: By the end of these sessions, participants will be able to: identify the elements that make up a brand. describe their brand on at least 5 dichotomies. identify at least two areas that they intend to examine or revise through a lens of improving their customer experience within their business. anticipate reviews from their current customers. distinguish between the internal and external customer of their brand. state their company mission and their brand values. identify and describe their ideal client and have an idea of ways to best reach and communicate with that target client. understand and develop your brand's key differentiators and your unique position within the market. Workshop #1 101: Brand Mapping — THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 2018  |  7:00pm - 9:00pm In this workshop we will cover the branding basics: defining what a brand is, why it’s important, evaluating your current brand versus what you want your brand to be, and developing your brand’s values. Workshop #2 102: Ideal Client Discovery — TUESDAY, JANUARY 15, 2019  |  7:00pm - 9:00pm In this workshop we will cover brand perception, including brand auditing, differentiating your brand from your competition, and unpacking who you target customer is. Workshop #3 103: Narrow the Gap Between Your Current Brand and Desired Brand — THURSDAY, MARCH 14, 2019  |  6:00pm - 9:00pm Now that you know who your brand is, your values, and your target audience, we will unpack where the gap lies between the brand you’re communicating now and the brand you want to be communicating. Through a combined lecture and interactive format, we will help you identify the changes you need to make to start building the brand of your dreams.   *Note: the third session is one hour longer to allow time for the individual lifestyle shots to be taken. You will also walk away from these three sessions with countless resources, including: Recommendations for photogragraphy, graphic design, social media management, web design, and digital marketing. Useful worksheets and reference materials. Invaluable insights into brand building and customer experience creation. A beautiful headshot by a local professional photographer. And much, much more!   Thank you kindly to our supportive sponsors and partners in this workshop series: ROUNDHOUSE — Social Impact and Community Space DALLAS CUROW — YEG Photographer GLOW JUICERY — Raw, Plant-based Juicery and Café