Oils of the Bible: Exploring Ancient Scripture With Chelsea Flaman

Wednesday November 14

Edmonton | Alberta | Canada

Are you interested in learning about the historical roots of the use of essential oils? In this session, we will not only be referring to the biblical references to essential oil usage but also looking at the chemistry and make up of essential oils and how they work at a cellular level in the body.  The Bible contains amazing historical references and is so rich with history and spiritual inspiration. The Bible, both the New and Old Testaments, contains tons of references (over 200) to essential oils, incense, ointments, and other aromatics. Essential Oils were used in religious rituals, for anointing, and treatment of their sick. In the Old Testament Moses was given a recipe for a holy anointing oil. It included the essential oils of myrrh, cinnamon, calamus, and cassia as well as pure olive oil. They actually knew how to use all the oils mentioned in the Bible better than we do today.  We will look at scriptural references, discuss how oils work within the body to support and promote health & wellness and pass around these oils for everyone to smell.   Purchase your tickets on line as this event will sell out! Chelsea Flaman is a Diamond Leader From Red Deer Alberta who is passionate about sharing her faith and essential oils.