Frog Watch and Microbats Summer 2018/2019

Wednesday November 14

Brighton | Victoria | Australia

Learn how to identify local frog calls, and some of the places you may find them in Bayside. Our regular Frog Watch is part of Melbourne Water's Frog Census, a survey of the health of our local frogs. Every month we go to a handful of local places to listen for frogs. Listening to frog calls is the best way to identify them. We also carry our bat detectors, and take a short walk along part of a golf course looking for tiny microbats. We start at Sandringham Golf Course, then move to a couple of nearby locations.  Park in Tulip Street outside Tjilatijirrin Reserve (the Tulip Street Oval). Please let us know you are coming by registering, so we don't leave the cars without you.  We will be walking in the dark, so please bring a small torch so you can see where you are putting your feet. If you are bringing any children, we would appreciate knowing their approximate ages to assist us with our planning. Where to Meet Park in Tulip St, outside the reserve (Mel.86 A1) between Meredith St & entrance to the reserve (Tjilatijirrin Reserve) FREE for Members This event is free for members. If you'd like to join, please see