Conscious Light: Documentary Film on Adi Da Samraj - Cleveland

Sunday November 11

Akron | Ohio | United States

Conscious Light: Award Winning Documentary Film on Adi Da Samraj Conscious Light is the long-awaited documentary on the extraordinary life of Adi Da Samraj, one of the great spiritual realizers of our time. Conscious Light filmmakers Peter Harvey Wright and Blythe Massey have received five Awards of Merit from Impact DOCS Awards for: Documentary Feature, Original Score, Viewer Impact: Content / Message Delivery, Viewer Impact: Motivational / Inspirational, and Religion / Ethics. Drawing on an extensive archival collection of film, photography, and audio recordings, as well as interviews with students who lived with Adi Da and practice his teachings, Conscious Light takes the viewer on a journey from Adi Da’s birth through his thirty-six years of teaching to the legacy and relationship that remains after his passing. “Besides being a biography of Adi Da’s life and teaching, the film draws viewers into a direct experience of Adi Da’s realization of Reality,” said filmmaker Peter Harvey Wright. Website: Theatre is not handicapped accessible.