Salsa Sunday Dancing ABSOLUTE BEGINNER SALSA ON2 CLASS & AWESOME PARTY in San Francisco: CLASS: 5pm- 6pm PARTY 6pm- 10pm

Sunday November 11

Daly City

Sunday is Funday!  For the latest info: Please check: ------------------------------------- Have you ever thought! Wow, "even the beginner class is way way too advanced for me"? We we have a solution. The ABOLUTE BEGINNER SALSA ON2 CLASS is specifically catered to those of us that just wanna concentrate on the extreme beginner steps so we are ready to take the beginner class in order for us to tear up that dancefloor. Don't worry this is a "club learning method" meaning we will not bored you with the boring techniques so you look like a mechanic and possibly passed out on the dancefloor! lol.   Here you will have fun learn the basics so you can begin to tear up the dancefloor too when the music comes on. Hey learnign should be fun. The the goal is to have fun and learning the ultra basic steps so you can excecute with sabor! Heck we are are offering this class and the party afterward to hopefully inspire to take studio classes with many of our Bay Area instructors! In this event our goal is friendship, music and social dancing. Plese come with an open mind and great attitude. We are going to have a great time! Say what? "You always wanted to take salsa studio classes?" you are in the right place, we will be happy to recomend a few of them in the scene. Begining your salsa dancing class and party with us take this this excigting journey howevery and wherever it takes you. All we know is you are going to have fun! Come and join us. For more informatrion please visit: Shedule: 4:30pm-6:00pm FREE Beginner salsa class On2. Courtesy of Potrero Hill Neighborhood House. Please arrive by 5:00pm. Taking this class will allow access to the open dance afterward from 6-9:30pm. 4:30pm-6:00 INTERMEDIATE Salsa On2 CLASS by the Nationally renowned local salsa/mambo dance instructor. $15. Complimentary access to open dance afterward 6-9:30pm. OPEN DANCE ONLY from 6-9:30pm: Music provided by our local, national and international renowned DJs, playing the best of salsa/mambo/chacha and Bachata for dancers. ------------------------------------------------------------------For the latest up to date info: —————————————————————————— website: Other salsa events we also recommend in San Francisco on Sundays: iHeartMambo Social- 4th Sunday of the month, 7pm-11pm Mambo Doming Social, 1st Sundys sfMambo-2nd Sunday of the month, 5pm-10pm Salsa with Carolyn-3rd Sunday of the month