Develop Web Maps and Geographic Visualizations with JavaScript - Fall 2018

Thursday November 15

Daly City

Brief description: Have you ever seen a beautiful interactive map visualization online and wondered how the heck they did that? Sometimes the world of interactive maps and data visualization can be overwhelming: which tools should I use? What language should I learn? Is my data going to work? This workshop aims to give you the foundation to start developing your own interactive maps and geospatial visualizations for the web by focusing on a few popular and open source tools that you can master and build on as you go. With a few foundational skills and a bit of knowledge, friendly and energetic Dan Swick will show how you can build your own beautiful maps and visualizations for the web. We’ll cover:   - processing and working with spatial data on the web  - working with several popular JavaScript libraries to build visualizations  - publishing your creation for others to see This workshop assumes some working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If you’re new to those languages but are still interested, we can send you some materials to get started ahead of time. ---- This class meets 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. for four sessions: Nov. 15, (skip Nov. 22), 29; Dec. 6, 13 Workshop Includes: A 1 year license of Esri's ArcGIS for personal use Hands-on lab time and opportunity to work closely with the instructor Certificate of Attendance and/or Completion, upon request Important Notes: The workshop venue may change based on classroom availability. Registered students will be given advance notice if this is the case. Students must bring their own laptops to participate in this workshop, either a PC or a Mac. Instructor: Dan Swick - friendly and fun - this guy knows his Javascript! FAQsFor more information about this workshop, the GIS Educaton Center, and our refund policy, please visit