GIS Quick Start - Nov./Dec. 2018

Wednesday November 7

Daly City | California | United States

Brief description: This introductory workshop - our most popular! - is designed for students with no/few GIS skills, and who are interested in understanding basic concepts of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and gaining skills to work with GIS on their own. The ever-patient and cheerful Annijke Wade will demonstrate the fundamentals of creating maps, editing data, and performing geospatial analysis. Students will gain confidence in these fundamentals through various exercises and assignments. Using Esri's ArcGIS Desktop 10.6, students will be exposed to the most powerful and industry-standard desktop GIS software package. ---- This class meets 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. for five sessions: Nov. 7, 14, (skip Nov. 21), 28; Dec. 5, 12.Students will learn to use the application to solve questions or display data such as: • Find all parks within 2000 feet of schools• Where is the best location to open a new store?• Identify census tracts with high income and high home ownership• Display the number of accidents at each intersection by direction• What areas may be impacted by sea-level rise? The five week workshop will focus on the following:• Understanding the setup of a GIS project• Understanding common GIS file formats• Performing spatial queries• Applying basic symbols and map publishing• Performing basic editing techniques• Creating new datasets Workshop Includes: A 1 year license of Esri's ArcGIS for personal use Hands-on lab time and opportunity to work closely with the instructor Certificate of Attendance and/or Completion, upon request Upon completing this workshop, you will have skills to adequately work with GIS project files, join tabular/spreadsheet data with spatial layers, create new spatial layers using queries and geoprocessing tools, symbolize map features, and publish a map. These skills may be applicable for entry-level GIS positions or internships. Important Notes: The workshop venue may change based on classroom availability. Registered students will be given advance notice if this is the case. If the workshop is held, as planned, at CCSF's Mission campus, computers will be provided for workshop exercises. Alternately, students are welcome to bring their own laptops. If the workshop must be moved to another venue, students will be required to bring their own wi-fi enabled laptops to class, either a PC or a Mac.  Instructor: Annijke Wade, one of our best-reviewed instructors: patient, friendly, skilled, and fun! FAQsFor more information about this workshop, the GIS Educaton Center, and our refund policy, please visit