Advocating for the Victims of Child Sexual Abuse Images

Thursday November 15


This training is designed for Family Advocates, Victim Advocates, Family Services Facilitators, Family Support Services, and other child advocates who work with victims and their caregivers on a daily basis. This training dives headfirst into the world of Internet Crimes Against Children and the crucial role victim advocates play in aiding the victims and families in these crimes. Participants will acquire an understanding of definitions of terminology and the types of experiences victims endured, the production, distribution, and consumption of child sexual abuse images, how the disclosure differs from the disclosure without the production of images, how the impact on victim and the caregiver differs from the impact without the production of images, and how child sexual abuse images affect the emotions and behaviors of the victim and the caregiver of the victim. The training discusses the role of the victim/family advocate and a myriad of strategies for how to support the victim and the caregiver.