Essential Oils Health & Food

Wednesday November 14

Brighton | Victoria | Australia

RawLove Superfoods use Doterra therapeutic essential oils in our range of food. These oils are truly exquisite and can enrich our lives. They can be used aromatically, topically and internally to promote good health in the purest way possible. We like to add them into our food to take the health benefits of our treats to another level. We love our community and want to share our passion for health and wellbeing using essential oils. Intorducing our special workshop, Essential Oils, Health & Food. This class is designed to teach you about the benfits of using quality essential oils in your food and daily life. Special guest Chef, Andrew Maccora, will demonstrate dynamic ways to use the oils in food and also discuss their health benefits. TASTINGS! - Delicious raw food treats infused with doterra essential oils. Class sizes are limited. Bookings are essential.