Sandringham Tuesday Night Program (Childbirth Ed) 13/11/18, 20/11/18, 27/11/18

Tuesday November 13


Our Childbirth Education program enables women and their support persons make informed choices about their pregnancy, labour and beyond. It helps women understand the process of pregnancy, labour and parenting.  The Women’s- Sandringham, provides childbirth education programs for all pregnant women who have booked to give birth at the hospital and their partners or support people. However, you must attend classes at the campus in which you are booked to birth at, Parkville or Sandringham.    TOPICS-  Workshop 1  - Final Trimester and Labour This class provides all the key information you and your support person need to prepare for a normal birth.  What happens during the last few weeks of pregnancy The normal progress of labour When to contact the hospital and when to come in Managing your labour including an introduction to active birth The role of the support person Relaxation strategies   Workshop 2  -  Unexpected Outcomes This class is designed to prepare you for the possible challenges surrounding labour and birth. Managing pain Slow progress or posterior position Interventions etc. Induction of labour Intrusmental birth Planned or unplannced caesarean section   Workshop 3  -  Baby and beyond So baby has arrived ..... what now? This class provides education on your newborn. What to expect in the first few days post-birth How to care for a newborn Breastfeeding Appearance of your newborn Newborn feeding behaviour and output Sleep patterns Tests and vaccinations SIDs guidelines and child safety Postnatal support Community resources Transition in to parenthood PLEASE NOTE-  - One ticket is for two people - When booking your classes, you must have completed the classes by your 36th week of pregnancy. - It is ideal to attend all workshops, if you are unable to attend all classes you will not recieve a refund.  - If you need to cancel your classes, please request a refund 7 days prior. We will not accept refunds after 7 days. - If you book into our Childbirth Education workshops, please do not book into the Breastfeeding workshop, that workshop is inconjunctiong with HynoBirthing.   We look forward to seeing you there!  - The Women's Sandringham