Diving Into Life - Inner Guidance Retreat

Thursday November 8

Beaverton | Oregon | United States

DIVING    INTO    LIFE    SUFI   RETREAT This retreat is hosted for seekers around age 45 who wish to deepen or explore further the practice of Inner Guidance.  There will also be concentration and awareness meditation practice, along with zikhr.  Gayan will facilitate the work of Inner Guidance, as we learn to listen to the voice of inner guidance within the heart. Finding Guidance for the Deepest Questions of Your Heart and Your Life...We will gather to explore the practice of Contemplative Inquiry. Our hope is to cultivate a community of seekers and emerging leaders around 30-45 years of age who want to deepen their spiritual practice together in community.The practice of inquiry develops the subtle art of following the voice of guidance in relation to the deepest questions of your heart and your life. The process brings us to a state of intimacy and honesty with our own hearts, where, surprisingly, we have often been strangers. It is motivated by the fire of devotion for the authentic life, and fueled by spiritual friends who are committed to the same truth.RETREAT FORMAT:Inner Guidance practice will form the spine of this event, which Gayan will combine with the Sufi teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan, as well as traditional practices of meditation and zikr. The days will be enriched by emerging leaders offering experiential activities such as nature-based meditation, discussion, zikr, dance, movement. The days will be structured with practice, rest, and meals to allow us time to come together as a community.  Following is a sample of the schedule for the weekend, we will further define this as we get closer to the retreat: Thursday, November 8 Arrivals/Check-in: 5-6 pm Dinner 7 pm Gathering circle 7:30-8:30 pm Friday & Saturday, November 9-10 Morning Meditation 7:15-8 am Breakfast 8-9am Morning Session w/ Gayan 9-10:15 Tea Break: 10:15-10:30 Morning Practices Cont. 10:30-12:30 pm Lunch 12:30-1:30 pm Free Time/Movement Practice 1:30-2:45 pm Listening Practice 2:45-3pm Inner Guidance Process 3pm - 6pm Dinner 6-730 pm Evening Practice (Zikr and Sema) 7:30-9 pm Sunday, November 11 Morning Meditation 7:15-8 am Breakfast 8-9am Listening Practice 9-9:20am Morning Session w/ Gayan 9:20-10:15 am Tea/Practice Break 10:15-10:30 am Morning Practice Cont.: 10:30 -12pm Closing Circle: 12pm - 12:30pm Lunch 12:30-1:30 pm Departures - please depart no later than 2pm to allow time for the organizers to clean up. *Silence will be observed during morning meditation until the beginning circle at 9am. ACCOMMODATIONS: The retreat is now being hosted at Christine & Nuria's home in NE Portland, Oregon.  We have beds to accommodate 8 people, in shared rooms with a privacy curtain.  There is camping available on our property.  We are just 10 minutes from the PDX airport.  Airbnb's are available within a 10 minute walk, Airbnb not included in price and needs to be reserved separately.  When searching bookings, type in Parkrose, Portland, Oregon   COST: $150-$200 sliding scale.  Additional teacher offering is encouraged for those who can afford so.   FOOD DETAILS:   Bring your own breakfast & lunch food (something easy to prepare that doesn't require a lot of kitchen time as it is a shared kitchen) Tea and snacks will be provided (fruit, nuts, cheese, crackers, veggies, hummus etc.)  There is a large community kitchen & refridgerator available for use. DIY community dinner Thursday 6pm. Community potlcucks Friday & Saturday evening. (sign-up options available in questionairre.) Please pick up grocery items before arriving Thursday afternoon/evening. Grocery store located 15 minutes from residence.   TRANSPORTATION FROM PORTLAND: 10 minutes from Portland airport.     REGISTERING & SCHOLARSHIP DETAILS: Registration via Eventbrite is required, thank you!  If cost is a barrier, scholarships are available please contact us to discuss your needs. If you are not an Initiate of the Inayati or Ruhaniat Order, please get in touch via email to discuss whether this retreat is a good fit for you. info.innerguidance@gmail.com Join our Facebook Group Here.   FURTHER DETAILS ON INNER GUIDANCE: In this process we sit in a circle and Gayan works one on one with someone in the silent presence of the group. You take a turn when you are in touch with your "burning question": a heart-felt desire to explore or understand something more deeply. You may inquire into anything, though frequently it is about something stirring or troubling as these questions often call us most strongly. With support and guidance from a teacher, you will explore this question in the witnessing presence of the group.  There is special value in doing inquiry in a group setting. First, the shared experience connects us in true spiritual friendship, which is precious and rare. On the surface our situations are unique; but as we look further we recognize an underlying unity in our deepest questions. Secondly, witnesses who are practicing being present provide a powerful "field" of support to the person working. Lastly and most importantly, witnesses benefit by observing how guidance functions.