Supercharge yourself with Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) Prahran

Tuesday November 13

Brighton | Victoria | Australia

Stress and tension can be stored in the body and difficult to release without conscious practice. A powerful tool for transformation of tension is Somato-Respiratory Integration... Somato-resp-whaaaat!? Don't panic, B R E A T H E, this is a fancy way of saying body-breath integration. We're here to help with gentle chiropractic and body breath integration workshop. This is the perfect way to stay on purpose, when sometimes stress and tension can get the better of us! The 2-hour program will teach specific techniques for body, breath and mind integration. Attendees will come away with powerful tools to use immediately  Learn 3 powerful breathing techniques Pay attention to your internal cues using breath, movement & touch Easily transform stress! Shift your state of consciousness Become a Master of your perceptions of breath and body Somato (body) Respiratory (breath) Integration involves a powerful series of breathing exercises developed to help you connect with your body and deal with life efficiently and positively. The workshop will teach you how to connect to and release tension through focused attention, gentle breath, motion and touch. You'll have the power to use these skills on your own - anytime, anywhere! These are the tools you need to deal with pain and stress, and will give you the momentum and know-how to transform your life for the better.