The Brand X Methodâ„¢ Youth Coach Certification Seminars, Belfast, NI UK Nov 10/11 2018

Saturday November 10


  The Brand X Method™ – Youth Coach Certification Seminar          by Jeff and Mikki Martin    Join the world leaders in youth fitness. Become a Brand X Coach. In this 2-day, hands-on, course you will be coached by The TBXM™ seminar team in The Brand X Method™ – the original strength-and-conditioning program specifically designed for kids Since the creation of the program over 15 years ago The Brand X Method™ has been refined and expanded based on exciting new research and practical coaching experience. The Brand X Method™ Coach Certification Seminar Course reflects constant evolution and growth of content while addressing the needs of new and established kids programs and coaches.   Event Details What does this ticket include? The Brand X Method™ suite of coach certifications Online Basic Kids Certification (Pre-seminar) – Access the Online TBXM™ Basic Certification granted within 48 hours of your ticket purchase. Complete prior to Coach Certification Seminar to receive your Advanced and Youth Barbell Certificate Advanced Kids Certification (Day 1) – Get certified in our cornerstone Advanced Course, live and in person Youth Barbell Certification (Day 2) – The only course of its kind, offered exclusively through TBXM™ live Coach Certification Seminars Who should come to the Coach Certification Seminar? Parents, teachers, coaches, fitness professionals, and gym owners who imagine a better future where our kids are all stronger, faster, more durable and better prepared for sports and life more generally. If you’re excited to get started in youth training or already an experienced instructor looking to up your game, our comprehensive and easy to digest seminar is for you.   What will the Coach Certification Seminar enable me to do? Empower your kids to improve and sustain their fitness for their entire lives. Learn how to engrain training habits and a passion for physical activity over a lifetime in all kids. Teach your students proper movement mechanics. Learn to safely and effectively teach students movement mechanics through a progressive system that they will love. Become a better coach. Develop your eye to see faults and applythe cues and corrections developed from the Martins’ combined 75 years of coaching kids and adults. Improve your athletes’ and teams’ performance. Learn the strength-and-conditioning program that has increased the performance and reduced the number of injuries with EVERY team that we have worked with and powered dozens of state powerlifting record holders, NCAA athletes, Ivy League scholars, and professional functional fitness competitors. Improve your own mechanics. We will help you understand and refine your own movement patterns so that you can increase your fitness capacity and physical abilities, without injury, over a lifetime and better help others do the same. Differentiate yourself in a crowded industry. Include the credential from the world leader in youth fitness and the original strength-and-conditioning program designed specifically for children and teens to separate yourself. Join the TBXM™ family. We are a vibrant community of individuals who are committed to our own progression in fitness and the motivation to teach and encourage others. Add an income stream. Increase profits with the addition of a youth training program in your gym. Obtain insurance. The Brand X Method™ is in compliance with Affiliateguard’s insurers underwriting guidelines to obtain General and Professional Liability and SAM insurance coverage.   What will I learn? Our methodology… builds physical literacy, which is the competence, confidence, and motivation to engage in the broadest range of physical endeavors throughout a lifetime. pushes back and prevent diseases of society, including obesity, diabetes, depression, and many others. prevents injury from single-sport specialization and movement dysfunction. We build athletes who can successfully apply their skill set to any physical activity. promotes a healthy perception of self and the mental fortitude to embrace challenge and grow throughout a lifetime of wholeheartedly engaging with the world. incorporates free play, experimentation and creativity to elicit positive neural, motor pattern, and social adaptations that pay huge dividends inside and outside the gym.   What will the two days look like? Day One – Advanced Kids Course The next evolution of our original strength-and-conditioning program specifically designed for kids Physical Literacy Benefits of Play Positive Coaching Teaching Resiliency Protecting the Athlete Jumping Mechanics Programming and Class Structure Advanced Movement and Progressions Day Two – Youth Barbell Course Strength programming exclusively for children and teens, including integration of conditioning and hands-on movement clinics devoted to the deadlift, back squat, some of their variations, and accessory work Goals Class Structure Programming Video Review Bracing Drills Mobility Seeing Better Back Squat and Deadlift Group Training Accessory Work   What else might the weekend include? Jeff, Mikki, and the TBXM™ Team seek to make each live certification seminar a platform where attendees can get to know and build long-term relationships with the TBXM™ Team and other fitness professionals in attendance, through FUN inside-and-outside of the classroom! Join the TBXM™ Team for Lunchtime Workouts, Brand X for Business chats, and end-of-day Community Dinners! These are optional and informal but recommended Staff varies by seminar, but here are a few of the core team members that you might meet: Keegan Martin: TBXM™ Certification Staff Lead Instructor – delivered over 250 live seminars teaching functional fitness, Former National record holder in the back squat, current stats (lbs) include a 630 Squat, 405 Bench, and 640 Deadlift Connor Martin: Owner of Compete Elite, former national functional fitness and mma competitor current professional level coach – 2018 Southwest Placements, coached the team to 6th place and individual competitor Camzin Martin (wife) to 3rd place Matt Hersh: TBXM™ Co-Owner and Chief Operating Officer, International fitness business consultant   Get to know a community of individuals who have changed their lives and so many others through The Brand X Method™ Why The Brand X Method™? We are mission oriented. We are changing the world. We empower younger generations to wholeheartedly engage with their world with the confidence, competence, and motivation to take on the broadest range of physical endeavors. We started the industry of youth functional fitness. We are the leaders, pioneers, and developers of current industry movement and training standards. We are customer driven and constantly evolving. We support our coaches through content, mentorship, and the latest-and-greatest knowledge as we learn and refine our methods.   LIVE Courses are rare! Take advantage of this opportunity.   For more information, contact    *We are not associated with CrossFit or CrossFit Kids **We reserve the right to cancel this event if we do not meet the required minimum number of attendees. Refunds for ticket cost will be issued in the event cancellation is necessary  ***Staff varies by seminar