Thursday November 1

Apopka | Florida | United States

Cheers to those working on becoming stronger, smarter and sexier. The need to improve is human, improving at Romance makes you more appealing. The team at Two On An Island hosts a Romance Challenge for those with designs of becoming exceptional lovers. COST $14 to play the GURU DARE. PLATFORM Hopefully you're on Instagram, we love, love Instagram. Look out for your loyal team of Romance Planners there. Our role is to Reverse Follow our Players, capturing their little moments of passion.  METHOD On Two On An Island, the bright  idea is: to measure the reciprocal effects of doing charming 'romantic' things for each other. Our mission is to make romance even more fun. ISLAND WARRIOR When you play a GURU DARE, you're required to produce a Love Story so compelling, so deep and thoughtful they will call you warrior, ISLAND WARRIOR.  LOVE GURU Complete all seven GURU DARE to earn the title of LOVE GURU. LOVE STORIES Pictures or videos that capture romance in action. HASHTAGS Your Hashtag is #TwoOnAnIsland. HOW IT WORKS Really simple...our team only Reverse Follow and records the happening from individuals committed to playing the TOAI Guru Dare. SOCIAL IMPACT We care a lot about social impact, Romance is a wonderful thing to share with the next generation. Our Ambassador Program envisions Love Gurus playing an active role in communities of couples around the world. Tackling the scurge of divorce and separation. SPONSORS WELCOME If you're interested in financially supporting our efforts, please contact Marcus and the team at RTeam(@) twoonanisland (dot )com F.A.Qs. Is this a Subscription?  No not yet...we didn't know if you'd like that. Let us know how you feel? Is this game for married people or can dating singles play?  Yes and Yes! If you're single and dating good! come play. We've made this game for singles and couples: Dating, Committed or Married.  What's the location?  Two On An island is an Orlando FL. based Romance startup, we run the TOAI GURU DARE. The Instagram platform allows us to cover romantic encounters happening all around the World. Thanks to an amazing team of Romance Planners we hope to inspire young couples for years to come and from all over the World. Is the challenge only in certain cities?  Orlando FL. is home base, however we are planning to celebrate with our Love Gurus wherever they may be. COMING SOON: Retreats on the founder's island home of Jamaica! Does the cost to play cover 2 players?  TOAI Romance Planners only reverse follows one player at a time. You're invited to sign-up your mate too. What about Privacy?  We've been thinking about this a lot! Your privacy is our top priority.  We thoroughly 'vet' our employees, and strive to use the most reliable and secure tools, which will in turn helps us to stay true to our mission with out compromise.  We invite you to visit our privacy policy, here, Please let us know how we can be better.   Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event? To play you must be over 18 years old. How can I contact the organizers with any questions? Please find us on, a Drift pop up will put you directly in touch with us ASAP. What's the refund policy? Tickets are refundable up to one day prior to the start of your Game Week. Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable? Yes tickets are non transferrable, but talk to us, we're flexible.  - - - - - - -