Right to Read Workshop in Edmonton

Friday November 2

Edmonton | Alberta | Canada

Early identification and effective interventions can significantly reduce the severity of a child's reading difficulties! The Reading Readiness Screening Tool was developed to provide teachers with an accessible, affordable measure to screen students for early reading skills.  Workshop One:  Catching Children before They Fail provides the assessment tool, teaches the importance of its subtests, and launches into interventions.   Workshop Two:  Assessment Informs Instruction provides interpretation of screening results and additional interventions for each of the subtests.  Assessment tool, activity resources and six activities included in the workshop fee.    What Teachers are saying about the English Right to Read workshops. "I mentioned to my principal a couple days ago that the Reading Readiness Screening Tool is a complete and organized resource that is age appropriate for my class and that I will be using it as a key assessment tool for this upcoming school year and years to come!   What I love about the screening tool the most is it doesn't just end after the testing.   With the score sheet I am able to determine how the student is developing at a certain point in the school year.  I can then use the results and suggestions I learned from the sessions as well as share with parents about how to build on the skills that are needed to become a better reader in a focused area of reading." Teacher, Westbrook School, Edmonton "The reading interventionists at my curent site have dicussed RRST results with me for students we are working with.  Depending on the performance, on subtests, we then have a better idea of where to begin our intervention program.  Some classroom teachers administer RRST themselves, and if they do they add our dialogue as well.  This has helped us collaborate to better meet the student's needs.  This training and tool are leading to very good results for our students.  I have practiced a few subtests, and am understanding my students needs in reading quicker than before, when I tested school using instruments from many developers and sources. " Participant, Right to Read FAQs One ticket for two workshops. The ticket cost covers both Workshop #1 on November 2, 2018 & Workshop #2 on January 11, 2019 (9am-3pm).   Attendees must attend both workshops.  What can/can't I bring to the event? Beverage, snack and lunch are provide at each workshop but if you have food allergies we encourage you to bring your own food.    If you need to make any changes to your registration, please contact us.  Cancellations will be accepted up to seven days prior to the event.  info@righttoread.ca or call 780-497-0407.