Commedia dell'Arte November 2018 Workshop - Lazzi & "acrobatics"

Sunday November 11

Anoka | Minnesota | United States

Monthly Commedia dell’Arte Workshops with Asylum Theatre Commedia dell’Arte developed in 16th century Italy and became the first theatre of professional actors in Europe. This improvisational based method of theatre creation inspired later playwrights including Molière and Shakespeare to adopt the beloved commedia characters. Through the distillation of Goldoni, Molière, Shakespeare, and others, the art of the actor was replaced with the art of the playwright. These workshops will refresh the imagination of the actor within the refined discipline of commedia dell’arte. Brief Amber Lee Olivier, student of Antonio Fava, will be leading workshops for professionals and other curious individuals starting May 2018. Students will learn the mannerisms of zanni, the old men, the lovers, Capitano and Signora and a slew of characters now only recognizable on walls of pizza joints.  Each month will focus on a specific character type or gesture/skill. All students are recommended to attend each workshop in order to develop an intimate understanding of each character type, relationships between characters, and the basic development of a canovaccio. November 2018 - Lazzi & “acrobatics” Lazzi (singular lazzo) is a comic action. For example - Capitano stepping on his own foot, a servant moving a chair from under Pantalone, etc. "Acrobatics" is in quotations because it doesn't mean channeling Simone Biles. Each character has their own acrobatic ability and tricks; some including rolls with props, motivated acrobatics like Pantalone having a sudden burst of athletisism when he hears a penny drop on the floor, etc. Coming up in December - Character relationships Details Classes are free (donations appreciated), REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Each class will be held twice during each month for availability convenience, once on a Saturday once on a Sunday for two hours. Although all are welcome to attend both classes each month the content will be the same. These classes will lead up to Asylum Theatre’s involvement with an international commedia dell’arte project in collaboration with Stickyback Theatre in London, England, April 2019. Workshops will continue through 2019. The cast of the April 2019 show will have the opportunity to perform with actors from around the world in Italy in April/May 2020.