Chinese Cooking Class - Bentleigh

Saturday November 10

Brighton | Victoria | Australia

Chinese Cooking will open your senses to a culinary world of colour, smell and taste.   In this class, we will cook up a storm with various methods using the wok.    As Chinese dishes require very minimal cooking time, foodie students will learn the art of preparation, complimenting ingredients and seasoning used to whip up top notch restaurant meals   We will explore Cantonese food which features fresh ingredients with mild subtle flavours.  In contrast, we will touch on the complex and robust flavours of Sichuan food consisting of chillies, garlic, ginger and saltiness   This will be a wok tossing experience.  We will Wok with flare and flip out some tasty dishes to please all palettes.  • Unique • Professionally run  • Learn from the local experts • Special meals  The class is not a cooking course it is an informal session where we learn the basics and share our experiences. We are not professional chefs just home taught by our families and enjoy cooking and celebrating with food. Come for an afternoon of fun, and celebration with food. Thought some of your favourite dishes can only be bought at your local restaurant? Learn how to make them yourselves and see how easy it can be!  Class Duration   The course is 3 hours in duration. Cooking  All participants will be given the opportunity to prepare and cook.  Participants will be provided with knife kits, and utilise commercial cooking equipment supplied by our venue. Recipe Pack  Each participant receives a recipe pack so they have all the information to prepare this meal at home for friends and family.