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Cuban Dance Student Team

Thursday November 2

Steven Messina Photography, 512 B South Elm St., Greensboro

Purpose: To develop as casino dancers by learning, adding to, and maintaining a repertoire of turn sequences for use in partner dancing and/or rueda, with the goal of demonstrating Cuban dance at socials, cultural events, and universities when the opportunities arise. Prerequisites: Background in casino/rueda and desire to develop your Cuban dances, and understand the mechanics of the dance better. Commitment level: Moderate - weekly attendance is encouraged when possible as it will be most beneficial for the group, but occasional absences for travel, work, family etc are expected as large choreographies will not be part of this group. Fee: monthly membership which covers all student team classes/meetings as well as admittance any weekly class or social dance.


Hey everyone! Steve will be unable to teach tonight since he is under the weather. I worked with my apartment complex and there is a yoga/workout studio with mirrors and sound system we can use for class that me andcan teach tonight. ADDRESS: 311 King Street TIME: 7:30 PM (Regular time) My apartment complex is a 5 minute walk from Steve's apartments so very close by. Please let me know if you're interested and planning to come so I can gauge how many people would be coming and how much space we'll need. Well try to make this happen! Jordan Alayna RosannaCrystal SantanaLozada Caleb Peter Turmel Sam Sutton Shady Gobran Julie HipsChong QuiWatkinsVigoya Tiara Capre Raven Sad? Kammikia Barnes Victoria Corona (please tag anybody I missed)
Thanks for coming out tonight. I look forward to helping one another and spreading cuban dance. Veey grateful to have such great people in the community, many of whom were in the room tonight. If this video is any indication, we will have plenty of energy going forward. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1980986578817250&id=100007177800008
Triad City Beat will be with us this Thursday to do a story about the group. Hope anyone who is a part of it will be in attendance to speak with them if they Like, and for sure for the photos :) If there is anyone who hasn't been at practices, feel free to spread the word.
We will be having our re-kickoff of the...

Steven Messina Photography, 512 B South Elm St., Greensboro