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An Evening with Dan Rather

Tuesday February 20

Knight Theater at Levine Center for the Arts, 430 S Tryon St, Levine Center for the Arts, Charlotte

The Learning Society at Queens welcomes award-winning journalist Dan Rather. PLEASE NOTE: This event is now sold out and tickets are no longer available For more than 50 years, former CBS News anchor and 60 Minutes correspondent Dan Rather has been the embodiment of the intrepid broadcast journalist. From the Kennedy assassination-where he was the first to break the news that the president had been killed-to the Indian Ocean tsunami, he has covered every major story of our time, with distinction and a fierce dedication to hard news. For his unparalleled devotion to his craft, he was named the 2012 recipient of the Edward R. Murrow Award for Lifetime Achievement, and has received additional, countless prestigious awards such as the Peabody, Sigma Delta Chi, CPJ Benjamin Memorial and Emmy Awards. Rather's reporting skills are legendary, and his single-minded pursuit of the story has taken him to datelines as far ranging as Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, China, Russia, and Cuba. On September 11, 2001, Rather stayed on the air for 18 hours straight to bring Americans news of the deadly attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. Constantly looking to innovate new avenues for quality journalism, Rather has now launched a production company called "News & Guts." He is developing a series of projects ranging from an acclaimed interview program on AXS TV to documentaries and digital video content. Julia Walton Email: [email protected] Phone: 704-688-2838


Since so many people are interested and no tickets are available anymore, would there be a possibility to add a second night
Hi allóI would very much like to attend. If anyone has an extra ticket to sell, pls do let me know!
Same as others... looking for tickets! I didn't know he was coming and don't want to miss it! Help!
Is there any way that a second night could be organized? A lot of people are looking for tickets.
If anyone has any tickets you canít use, please let me know!
If anyone canít use their tickets Iíd love to buy!
Please message me if you have one ticket! Thanks
No seats available? Is it sold out?
How to get tickets???
OMG! So jealous!

Knight Theater at Levine Center for the Arts, 430 S Tryon St, Levine Center for the Arts, Charlotte