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La Animal Save Weekly Vigil for Pigs

Sunday January 21

Farmer Johns Slaughter House!, , Los Angeles

Join us and 100+ compassionate people in bearing witness to the pigs bound for slaughter inside Farmer John slaughterhouse. Give them water and love; show the world through social media and personal testimony that animals are not food. Here are the details: ADDRESS: 3049 E Vernon Ave, Vernon, CA 90058 PARKING: DO NOT PARK AT ARCO. THEY HAVE THREATENED TO TOW. There is parking on 44th and 46th Ave which are south of Vernon Ave. Green curbs are safe to park at. Park and walk to Vernon & Soto and walk so that Farmer Johns is on your left and you can't miss us. WHAT TO BRING: A charged up phone, flashlight/camera light, water sprayer/bottle, reflective vest (or wear light colored clothing as a safety measure). If you are bringing water we ask that you consider bringing a water sprayer or reusable squeeze water bottle or 1 gallon jugs not 12oz bottles as we are trying to avoid one-use plastic. You may consider wearing a hoodie or raincoat to protect yourself from water spray from people watering pigs on the top level of the trucks. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND for those of you who come to the vigils often, to purchase your own water sprayer and be sure to use a Sharpie to write your name on it: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003ARTX94/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_apip_twsQa5kJ5gYwH If you would like to buy a camera light here is the one we use: https://smile.amazon.com/Dimmable-Digital-Camcorder-Panasonic-Samsung/dp/B004TJ6JH6/ref=sr_1_3?s=photo&ie=UTF8&qid=1507483237&sr=1-3&keywords=camera+light HOW YOU CAN HELP: Repost the flyer and/or invite people to this Facebook event! EARTHLINGS is FREE TO STREAM online: www.earthlings.com This film should NOT be on youtube. Please refer everyone to the above website to watch it for free. If you're an activist who uses EARTHLINGS for Earthlings Experience events please make sure you purchase your own copy for $7 and do not use any pirated footage. Shaun has many more impactful films to make so please show your support! ***BIG NEWS*** EARTHLINGS and UNITY combo DVDs are available at the vigils! Each DVD has both films on it and are $20. Please bring cash. Get your EARTHLINGS clothing from For The Love of Animals Apparel here: https://www.ftlaapparel.com/collections/earthlings *********************************************************************************************************************************************************************** IMPORTANT DETAILS ABOUT THE PIG VIGILS! We do not want to stress the pigs. Please follow these instructions: Approach the pigs slowly, calmly, and always with a soft, gentle voice. Positive words only. DO NOT PET THEM LIKE DOGS. They do not know what kindness feels like. Please do not pour your sadness onto the pigs. Give them only love and strength. Wait to shed tears for when the trucks take them away. FOR GIVING WATER: Only spray/pour water if there is a SNOUT near you. DO NOT spray/pour water on their bodies, nor into areas you cannot see. If pigs begin to do a stampede, BACK AWAY IMMEDIATELY until they’re done. Stampedes can be caused by anything. Do not shine lights into the pigs’ eyes. Direct your flashlights/camera lights at the ceiling of the truck only. Do not use flash. Giving water to any/all available pigs is the FIRST priority. Photos and video are second. Work with a buddy if possible. Please be extra careful when using sprayers to get to the pigs in the top layer. People have expensive cameras and equipment below you. *********************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Other important details: Wait until the trucks come to a complete stop before approaching. Do not climb on the trucks. Do not drop anything inside the trucks. Stay on the sidewalk side of the trucks, do not go behind nor in front of the trucks. Listen to the Vernon Police Officers when they say to return to the sidewalk. Please follow us! These are our OFFICIAL social media accounts! Beware of imposters; look for the pink logo! www.instagram.com/laanimalsave www.twitter.com/la_animalsave www.facebook.com/laanimalsave


I worked @ Farmerdoing fire sprinkler work. I can tell you by being there for 4 horrible weeks those poor animals suffered bad!! & the tears that you can actually see!! Coming from there eyes as they were smacked in the ass was something I will never forget....there is so much blood & parts everywhere, it wasn’t uncommon to see sea gulls flying around fighting over a pig ear. These animals “KNOW WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO THEM “!! & this place is Hell.
Government shutdown? Beh! The ONLY shutdown **I** want to see is that of ALL SLAUGHTERHOUSES! ---till EVERY enslaved (non-human) animal is HOME!
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Farmer Johns Slaughter House!, , Los Angeles