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Postpartum Plan Creations - FREE

Saturday January 20

Wearing and Caring, , Kailua

Congratulations, you're hapai! Preparing for the postpartum stage can allow the whole ohana to be on the same page and have a smoother transition in adding a new member into the family. Meet with Courtney Caranguian of Wearing and Caring as she leads the Postpartum Plan Creations Workshop. This workshop will help you prepare for the postpartum stage and will aim to help you feel empowered and more prepared for this period of time. You will: -create a general postpartum plan -learn about postpartum services -build community This workshop is from 10am to 12pm, giving us time to honor our feelings. To confirm your spot please use the URL in the ticket link, or message Wearing and Caring to inform of your commitment.


This event takes place on Saturday. If you are attending please make sure to RSVP by using the link in the ticket place of this event. You can also message Wearing and Caring. This event is FREE to all families expecting or who just gave birth.
Aloha, my keiki and I are downstairs. If you need help finding the place please lmk!

Wearing and Caring, , Kailua