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Runner's Yoga Workshop

Sunday January 21

The Floating Lotus, 900 N University, Suite 4, Little Rock

Yes, It's that time again! It's time for our annual runner's yoga workshop! This is a 6-week Runners' Yoga Series leading up to the Little Rock Marathon. Each class in this series will focus on opening all areas of a runner's body. We will explore the front and back gait of the legs by diving deep into the hamstrings and quadriceps. By opening these key areas you will have a better range of motion in your stride and you will be less prone to injury. The Runners' Series will take place from 3-4pm every Sunday from January 21st through February 25th. Please wear comfortable clothes that stretch and if you have a yoga mat, please bring it. The cost of this series is $75. The length of this class is 60 minutes. Pre-registration is REQUIRED for this series. Please note that this is a 6-week series and not a drop in type class.


While Im not a runner Im interested in this class because my legs could use some work. Who will be leading this class? Are there any other course descriptions or is it just going to be about legs?

The Floating Lotus, 900 N University, Suite 4, Little Rock