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Little Mermaid Auditions

Sunday February 11

Tri-Valley Repertory Theatre, 1020 Serpentine, Suite 101, Pleasanton

Performance Dates: Saturdays and Sundays?July 21st through August 5th 2018 ?at the Bankhead Theatre in Livermore, CA Audition Requirements: Please prepare 16-32 bars and bring sheet music in the proper key. No a cappella auditions, and PLEASE DO NOT SING SELECTIONS FROM THE PRODUCTION. Bring comfortable clothes and shoes that you can dance. . No appointment necessary. Please bring a list of all potential conflicts including travel, etc. starting on May 10th.throuqh July 20th . Include Sunday through Thursdays evenings and Saturday daytimes on your conflicts lists. No additional conflicts will be accepted upon casting. There will not be rehearsals on Friday nights excepting final dress on 07/20/18 Plot Summary: The Little Mermaid is the story of Ariel – a spunky mermaid who is fascinated by humans and all of their stuff. Her father, King Triton doesn’t understand and forbids her to visit the surface – which, of course, she does anyway. Her friends, Scuttle and Flounder, and her guardian Sebastian are with her through all of her adventures, including when she agrees with the evil Ursula to trade her voice to be human! She must get the prince to kiss her in order to break the curse. A timeless tale based on the story by Hans Christian Anderson and the Disney film, this upbeat musical has familiar tunes, colorful characters and chances for lots of fun! For More Information: If you need additional information, please contact the Producer, Kathleen Breedveld at 925-899-3451 Character Breakdown: Ariel – a mermaid who wants to be human. She has a good heart, ?but gets caught up in her dreams. Actor must be very bubbly and energetic. She has to be?able to convey meaning with no words. Vocal Range Bb3-Eb5??Prince Eric – a human prince who loves the sea more than anything. He is kind, light-hearted and fun. Vocal Range B3-D5??Grimsby - (Male, Prince Eric’s valet. He is very still and rigid – and is always sea sick! Vocal Range E4-C5??Sebastian – (Male; a crab who is the composer for King Triton, then becomes Ariel’s “guardian”. He is very anxious with lots of nervous energy with lots of emotions. Has some physical comedy. Vocal Range A3-D5??Flounder – (Male or Female; age range 6-14) a rambunctious young fish and Ariel’s best friend. He is sweet and kind and a wide-eyed optimist and spunky! Vocal Range G3-Db5??Scuttle - (Male; a crazy seagull who thinks he is an expert on humans. He is a little full of himself. Actor should have good comedic timing. (May cast as female) Vocal Range B3-E5??King Triton - (Male; Ariel’s father. He is a good-hearted father who doesn’t always understand his daughter. He is very powerful and plays a range of emotions – frustration, anger and wisdom. Not a singing or dancing role.??Ursula - (Female; the evil sea witch. She must be able to command the stage with her nastiness. She is cunning and devious and will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Vocal Range F3-C#5??Floatsam & Jetsam – (Male or Female; Ursula’s sidekicks. They are evil, sneaky and sarcastic. Vocal Range C4-C#5??Chef Louis - (Male; French head chef in Prince Eric’s palace. Has one solo. Character must be energetic, fun and over the top. Good comedic timing is a must! Vocal Range A3-C5??Mersisters - (Aquata, Andrina, Arista, Atina, Adella, Allana) –Ariel’s sisters. Each sister’s will have the opportunity to develop her own personality. May double as princesses. Vocal Range G3-G5???Ensemble – (Male and Female; Various characters including Ship’s Pilot, Sailors, Merfolk, Sea Creatures, Seahorse, Gulls, Poor Unfortunate Souls, Chefs, Princesses. A few younger ensemble members (ages 6-7) may be considered for casting. All ensemble roles sing and dance.


How late do these auditions last? I really want to audition, but I have a rehearsal that doesn't get out until 9. Thank you!

Tri-Valley Repertory Theatre, 1020 Serpentine, Suite 101, Pleasanton