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What is the Art of Spiritual Dreaming?

Saturday December 16

Coffee Talk, 3601 Waialae Ave, Honolulu

What is the Art of Spiritual Dreaming? What is the difference between a regular day-to-day dream, and a spiritual dream? Why do we have bad or scary dreams? How can one learn to have lucid dreams? What are waking dreams? Where is the connection between dreams and our daily life? What are the different ways you can interpret your own dreams? At one time or another, most people have dreams that prompt them to wonder. Did that mean something? Could it somehow be applicable in my life? Was that a past life recall, or a glimpse of the future? Have you tapped into the creative imagination of your dreams? So many questions to explore. ;-) * Join us to share, ask more questions, or just listen. * As always, other topics are open for discussion too. - "In ECK, we are familiar with dreams of past lives. Other dreams give us insight into our health, family concerns, love interests, business plans, and guidance in how to live our lives with minute-to-minute care, if we are interested in developing our study of dreams to such a degree. "But the most important dream category is the spiritual dream. It tells us something about our present life, with all its struggles. "We learn about hidden motives, which most people wish to leave undisturbed in the dark corners of their minds." ~ Harold Klemp


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Coffee Talk, 3601 Waialae Ave, Honolulu