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Free Aqua Yoga at Treme Center Every Friday

Friday January 12

Jai Bhakti Yoga, 1710 S Carrollton Ave, New Orleans

Ever since my experience with Aqua Yoga in Costa Rica, and then implementing it in my self practice in Bali, I was inspired to bring this practice to New Orleans and invite people with injuries, challenges with balance, and those that have trouble relaxing, to explore what Aqua Yoga can do for them. Aqua yoga is easier on your joints- due in part to the buoyancy effect - but more due to the movement of the water. One of the benefits of aqua yoga is that your body is more relaxed in the pool, which enables you to get a better stretch in each pose. The muscles work harder than usual to keep you from toppling over. So, you don't need to worry about falling over and hurting yourself in the pool, which makes it a great place to try challenging poses, and develop your practice. The water is a constant changing motion against you that ignites the body’s reflexive responses. Aqua yoga is especially good since it cuts down on the gravitational pull, and therefore stress, on your body. With this sensation, you are able to relax more and feel refreshed after a 45min session. What do you need? A bathing suit, towel, change of clothes, and a willing spirit to try something new.


Grab a swim suit and join us for a relaxing and empowering your balance and core experience into the new year! So happy to share this gift with everyone. See y’all in 2 weeks! (In the water)
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Jai Bhakti Yoga, 1710 S Carrollton Ave, New Orleans