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LNG Monthly Networking Event

Monday January 8

Michaelangelos Pizza, 552 W Arrow Hwy, San Dimas

This is a non exclusive networking group with some amazing benefits! We created this group to network with local business owners within the community. We realized after attending hundreds of different networking events and groups that most of them had to many restrictions and not enough value for the time spent. That is why we created the Ultimate Networking platform that has a couple key features you will not find anywhere else. NO Attendance policy (We are all adults) We just ask that you support the venue by purchasing something off the menu but even that is not a must NO Exclusion of any one industry or business ( We welcome multiple restaurants, dry cleaners, car washes, and any business sector) What we do have that sets us apart: Live interactive business training topics (So even if you do not make any new contacts you still get something of value for coming) The chance to win $$ and Prizes with our 50/50 raffle at every meeting. Charitable Cause ( The other part of 50/50 raffle is donated to a charitable organization the Child and Family Foundation Last but not least the opportunity to become a member of the worlds largest network and community of consumers and small business owners. ** There is a $5 Charge at the door** ( Non Profits are Exempt from this fee)


We Look Forward to Kicking off 2018! With All of You! Happy Holidays

Michaelangelos Pizza, 552 W Arrow Hwy, San Dimas