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Autos and Anime

Sunday January 7

Rainbow Donuts Cerritos, 11825 South St, Cerritos

PLEASE NO REVVING. We are tired of hearing it. Otakuciety presents Autos and anime Spoke with the owner of Quickly and he was okay with us hanging out (permission to be there and such). So there shouldn't be any hassle at all this time around. The meet will be every other Sunday. Please respect the spot, don't be "that guy". I am not afriad to report anyone to the local police, you will be recorded and video turned over to police. ALL CARS WELCOME!!! Respect the rules; - No Reving - No Burnouts - No Loud Music - Don't Be That Guy


Green areas are OK to park at and red area is not a parking spot. No curb/red parking allowed. Parking is first come first serve. Don't forget to follow the meet rules. If you invite a friend make sure they follow the rules. We have permission to gather from the donut shop and property owner, don't be that guy. Don't burn the spot. Also don't forget to support the donut shop for allowing us to gather, go buy a donut or two to support their business. If any StreetOtaku host catches you breaking any of the rules they will ask you to leave. We WILL take photos and videos of you leaving and we WILL turn in any evidence to the police.
So wait cars ,anime and donuts ?

Rainbow Donuts Cerritos, 11825 South St, Cerritos