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GWD Trivia at High Noon Saloon

Wednesday November 29

Geeks Who Drink with QM Ian, , Chicago

Hey folks, I'm gonna be hosting my first of many Geeks Who Drink Pub Quizzes at High Noon Saloon at 8 pm every Wednesday beginning 11/29. We'll have special prizes, and a few ordinary ones too. Come find out what the hell that means next Wednesday!


Good news "Stranger Things" fans! I'll be reviving my beloved bonus segment "Here, You Throw This Out" at my new trivia gig, and this week's prize is this lovely gentleman. He's been living in my closet for the past four months, and I just now made the connection to the TV series. If you got it faster and think it's cool, come win it at this week's quiz. Or throw it out. Totally your call.
Are you really into second-tier Marvel villains, but prone to choking on things? Come play trivia at the High Noon Saloon tonight at 8, and win yourself a baby-proof Red Skull figure (in addition to gift certificates, drinks and other things you might actually want).
Have you always wanted to sound like a cartoon, but lacked the means to act on your dream? Come on down to the High Noon Saloon tonight and take a crack at winning tonight's "Here, You Throw This Out" prize!
Last night's big winners of the "Here, You Throw This Out" prize. They seemed way too happy about this. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., we might have some Hydra double agents on our hands.
It was John's birthday last night, so his team won him a balloon animal kit. What great friends!

Geeks Who Drink with QM Ian, , Chicago