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Spirit Guide Connection and Intention Setting Workshop

Sunday October 15

Unlimited Thought Life Enrichment Center, 5525 Blanco Rd, Ste 107, San Antonio

NEW MOON INTENTION SETTING & SPIRIT GUIDE CONNECTION WORKSHOP with Twyla K. A continuing series held on a Sunday once every month around the time of the new moon from 1-2:30pm for $15. Would you love: ∑ A sacred, supportive space to connect to your Spirit Guides ∑ Clarity on how to move forward and spiritual support along the way ∑ To tap into the power of intentional living so you can achieve your goals with more ease ∑ Align to the cycles of the moon to empower and support your life goals If so, this workshop is for you! In this monthly workshop you will: ∑ Identify and release what's no longer serving you and set powerful intentions to manifest throughout the month ∑ Connect to and receive guidance from your Inner Circle Spirit Guide team through a guided meditation and automatic writing exercise ∑ Leave with a handout of a super helpful intuitive check-in activity to keep you focused ∑ Receive a special bonus audio mp3 of the guided meditation we do in the workshop so you can do it again at home It's helpful to attend the Connect to Your Spirit Guides Workshop before this workshop if you're new to Spirit Guides, but not necessary. This is a monthly event at Unlimited Thought Life Enrichment Center. The workshop will always be around the time of the new moon as it's the beginning of a new monthly cycle and very powerful for manifesting desires and intentions. There is such power in setting intentions and it's amplified when you do so surrounded by the supportive energies of others. Please bring a notebook or journal and a pen. And a pendulum (if you have one). Twyla K is a professional intuitive and Spiritual Life Coach who helps people reconnect to their amazing Divine Gifts through her Akashic Record readings and intuitive coaching (Soul Shine Healing & Coaching, www.twylak.com). She loves doing this deep soul-level work, and also really enjoys connecting people with their Spirit Guide teams. Her passion is helping people gain clarity and take soul-inspired action so they can feel truly fulfilled. Feel free to contact Twyla for more info or if you have any questions: [email protected] Scheduled dates are: November 19, December 17, January 14, February 18, March 18, and April 15.


Are you ready for your monthly dose of intention setting and spiritual connection? Itís about that time again! This Sunday - the New Moon Intention Setting & Spirit Guide Connection Workshop is happening from 1-2:45pm. I heard from one past participant that she got her big intention completed that had been needing to get done for ages. So happy to hear that! It shows the power of setting intentions for yourself rather than letting life pass you by. And your Spirit Guide Team is so happy to help you out once you get clear on what you want. Hope to see you Sunday!

Unlimited Thought Life Enrichment Center, 5525 Blanco Rd, Ste 107, San Antonio